Mrs Westerman-Smith nominated for award.

3rd July 2018

Mrs Westerman-Smith, Assistant Principal for English, has recently been nominated for ‘Inspirational Mentor Award’ by Sheffield Hallam University. Mrs Westerman-Smith has been working with Miss Howley and Miss Cooper on helping them to complete their QTS award as part of their Teach First programme. 

Miss Cooper said: I would like to nominate my mentor L. Westerman-Smith. She has been a huge support network for both me and my colleague C. Howley. From day one, she has recognised that coming into a new area and a new frame of work is very difficult and has offered us support with our work by giving us 1 to 1 guidance with our planning in and out of lessons, supporting us in class, offering well-being support out of school and is a friendly face and smile whenever we need it. More than anything, she has made us feel part of the team from day one and that has been priceless.

Adrian Fearn, Principal Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University said: The fact that you have been nominated as an Inspirational Mentor/School Based Tutor is a significant achievement and is a result of the remarkable contribution your coaching and mentoring makes to the progress of students on placement.

Well done Mrs Westerman-Smith!