Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

CEIAG Curriculum Intent


  1. We will inspire and engage our students in planning their own career path and increase their motivation to aim high using appropriate labour market information and online tools
  2. We will engage with a large number of employers and other organisations, including colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers in a range of ways to give students real life experiences of the world of work
  3. We will inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in order to give them the opportunities they aspire to both academically, personally and in relation to their future
  4. We will work with parents and families of our students to encourage them to achieve their own ambitions and raise their aspirations.



John Whitgift Academy works in conjunction with CareersInc and their advisors to deliver a careers structure.

Also employed as the Academy Operational Lead is Mr P Tuffnell, a level 7 Careers Lead practitioner who works closely with advisors.

SLT Strategic Lead Mr M White.



All year 11 students receive a 1:1 guidance interview by a level 6 qualified practitioner. Also year 9, 10 and 11 students receive group sessions.

Vulnerable students are identified in year 10 and receive additional support from the local authority, YPSS

External, independent and impartial careers services are invited to attend open evenings to help students make the right choices and are involved in seminars for specific careers.



The academy holds regular careers fair events throughout the year which allow all students to engage with external, independent and impartial careers services.

Step Up Days – every year group take part in a whole day event. Local employers are invited in to take part. These events cover a variety of career pathways and give students the opportunity to question local employers.

Work experience something that is considered if relevant to students' preferred career paths.



All local colleges and post 16 providers, including apprenticeship providers, are invited to speak to year 10 and 11 as a whole. These organisations are also invited for academic career days and events to speak to parents

We work closely with the University of Hull and the University of Sheffield both on the Shine Programme and Discover Us. We have been successful in securing a large amount of funding through the University of Hull which enables us to engage with organisations such as Fix Up, Push and Unifrog.

We work closely with the Humberside Outreach Programme (previously NCOP) delivering information and guidance opportunities for students in year 9, 10 and 11 around the AimHighER objective.

4 students are selected from year 9 each year to partake in the Sheffield University Discover Us Programme. This is a 3-year programme with students attending 3 times per year including a residential visit in year 11. 

John Whitgift Academy is a Business Hive Member, just one of  two schools in the area who are full members of this local employer network.

We work closely with Corrine Barry of James Fisher & Sons., our Enterprise Adviser.

On the Governing body we have representatives from CPO Media, North East Lincolnshire Council and Franklin Sixth Form College, as well as local businesses.


All year 10 students visit the NE Lincolnshire Skills Fair in July every year

Students have the opportunity to visit universities each academic year. Year 7-11 visited Hull, York, Leicester and Lincoln Universities in 2018/19 and will be visiting Hull, Sheffield, Leicester and Cambridge Universities in 2019/20.

All University of Sheffield Shine Programme students will visit the university every year.

Employer visits have taken place at HETA, Catch, Hornsea Windfarm and Orsted.

Students attend events which are appropriate for their age group or interest including Women Into Manufacturing and Engineering, and the National Apprenticeship Roadshow.

Year 11 students are encouraged to partake in the National Citizen Service programme to raise their own personal independence. This is a fabulous opportunity and valued on UCAS applications.



All year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 students have access to Unifrog. Unifrog is a complete destinations platform where students can plan their futures including writing CVs, recording interventions and competencies, researching college requirements, sixth form, apprenticeships and universities and includes research tools for Oxbridge and Universities overseas.

In year 11 all students have a unique Lincs2 log in. This enables them to research labour market information and look in depth at local provision. Students use Lincs2 to apply for colleges, sixth forms and apprenticeships.

@john_whitgift – students are strongly encouraged to follow this Twitter feed for interesting and up to date articles relating to all things careers



Regular liaision takes places between appropriate staff and all pupils. Careers strategies are implemented to motivate and engage them in their planning for the future. 

Training for new staff members and ongoing staff development includes strategies to incorporate careers pathways within the classroom, linking subjects to various different sectors.



Year 7

  • Raising Aspirations for University & Enterprise;
  • Access to inspiring individuals and organisations in school and at universities;
  • Use of START and CareersInc to support choices.

Year 8

  • What does my future look like?;
  • How will I achieve my goals?;
  • What is my dream?;
  • What are my strengths?;
  • What am I going to do in the future?;
  • Where do I see myself in 10 years’ time?;
  • Use of START and CareersInc to support choices.

Year 9

  • Skills analysis;
  • Self-reflection;
  • What am I good at and how can I use my skills?;
  • Exploring the future;
  • Career pathways and industry;
  • Employability ;
  • Making the right choices and decision making for my future;
  • Careers information advice and guidance from CareersInc level 6 advisors;
  • Use of START and CareersInc to support choices.

Year 10

  • World of Work;
  • Enterprise & Further Employer Engagement;
  • Work with external careers organisations, including Young Peoples Support Services, Post-16 providers, all available colleges, apprenticeship providers;
  • Careers Advice, Guidance & Development;
  • Challenging stereotypes;
  • Use of START and CareersInc to support choices.

Year 11

  • Individual, impartial careers guidance;
  • Interviews by YPSS and CareersInc Careers Advisers;
  • Lincs2 applications;
  • Sixth form & post 16 interviews;
  • Use of START and CareersInc to support choices;
  • Group sessions including tutor groups and assemblies to raise awareness of next steps into Higher and Further Education.



As an academy we use Compass – the careers benchmark tool as outlined in the Gatsby benchmarks to assess and improve our current CEIAG provision. Our progress against the Gatsby benchmarks will be reviewed regularly throughout the academic year to help us meet all of the 8 benchmarks by the end of 2020.

We will monitor the impact of our action plan and the CEIAG we deliver mainly through feedback from students and staff. All activities will be reviewed to ensure all goals and aims are met.

Student Guidance

Last review date: Sept 2020

Next review date: February 2021

Annual review date: July 2021



For more information please contact:-

Mr Paul Tuffnell

Tel 01472 311080

Email: tuffnellp@johnwhitgift.org.uk

Follow us @john_whitgift

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