Accessing learning and additional resources

For those students who will not be attending school during the closure, there are lots of resources available to them whilst they are at home.

Hegarty Maths

All students have an account on the Hegarty Maths website:

Once students are on the site, they just need to follow the on-screen instructions.  If students need help with their password, they can email their maths teacher for a reset.

As well as work that has been set by their class teacher, students can also access any of the subject tasks that are on the website, so the work available will never run out!

Please note: due to unprecedented demand on the website, access is unpredictable, but the following link will give you an update on the status of the site:


All students have a GCSEPod account.  The site can be found here:

All students have been given their login details, but please contact the school if login details don't appear to be working.

As well as any work set by teachers, students can access all content on the site.

Further resources and links can be found at the bottom of this page.

Student Home Classroom

Delta Academies Trust have put together a learning timetable for all students, which can be accessed online.  Students who are working at home should follow this daily timetable.  Instructions on how to access the online classroom can be found below:

                                                              If you have any issues, please contact  

Other links and resources:

JWA Subject pages

KS4 revision pages

Knowledge organisers

Click here for additional English work

David Walliams - free audio story every day at 11am

DT quizzes (food, art, music, ICT)

Joe Wicks - daily workout

AHA PE quiz 26-2-20 (use code 349E4EF8)

BBC Bitesize

BBC Teach

French LanguageNut

Geography Games #1

Geography Games #2

Geography Games #3

Geography Quizzes #1

Geography Quizzes #2

Careers and future planning resources - Prince's Trust

(Please note: John Whitgift Academy or Delta Academies Trust cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites)

Mindful and relaxation exercises that parents can do with younger children to help with managing anxiety

Music apps and interactive resources (even some online lessons)

Soundabout are offering live online inclusive music sessions

The Sensory Projects has project packs for inclusive learning

 and also some simple sensory games to play

 The Sensory Dispensary have activities available to download from TES SEN website

 Access Art resources

Clicker - accessible word processing


Interactive computer activities from Bridgend School


Riverside home school resources

 (Please note: John Whitgift Academy or Delta Academies Trust cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites)

Inclusive sensory discovery pack for Shakespeare's The Tempest


31 pages of activity ideas for special school learners (download at the bottom of the page)


Bank of resources from the Northern Ireland curriculum


Greenside sensory stories 5


Sensory and messy play activities for children with additional needs


Website and activity ideas


50 sensory learning activities


Activities including sensory and massage stories themed for the time of year


Positive Eye Ideas Machine


Ways to learn through play

(Please note: John Whitgift Academy or Delta Academies Trust cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites)

Have fun at home!


GoNoodle - videos designed to get kids moving.


Seusville - lot of activities, crafts and games based on the world of Dr Seuss





Thinking games - this website has links to a whole host of games designed to improve logical thinking skills


Highlights Kids - a popular US magazine for children, this site has lots of ideas for craft activities, recipes and an 'explore' section covering science questions and experiments


Art for Kids Hub - this Youtube channel shows you how to draw a variety of things from animals to cartoon characters and even cars


The Imagination Tree

Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.


The MET Office


RSPB - activities 


Paw Print Badges – Free challenge packs and other downloads. Indoor and outdoor.


Early years

Chat Play Read


Tiny Happy People @bbctinyhappypeople


Early Movers


Hungry Little Minds


World stories


 (Please note: John Whitgift Academy or Delta Academies Trust cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites)

Cbeebies Radio – Listening activities


Learning at home


Ted Ed – Stay Curious


Twinkl - free home learning booklets from EYFS through to GCSE, you can download them here:


Oxford Owl - free e-books for ages 3-11, and range of how-to videos for maths. They also have a parents’ page which explains how spelling and grammar is taught in schools. If you ever wondered what a 'fronted adverbial' was, here's your chance to find out!


Discovery Education - English, Maths & Science activities for KS1 & KS2 and also a section on coding


Scholastic - this US company have put together 20 days of cross-curricular projects to work through at home. The correct grade will need to be selected to match the UK year group:

- PreK and Kindergarten = Reception and Year 1

- Grades 1 & 2 = Year 2 and 3

- Grades 3-5 = Years 4, 5 and 6

- Grades 6+ = Year 7 onwards


BBC Bitesize - videos, quizzes and games covering the entire curriculum for primary, secondary and post-16 students


Topmarks - collection of educational games covering all topics


Toy Theater - Educational online games

Chatterpack - a list of home Ed resources


Teachit Primary - resources and games to print for English, Maths, Science and Foundation subjects. Sign up for an account is required to download the free resources.


Teachit also have a range of resources for secondary school students. The website address is teachit + topic name e.g. English would be, Languages


British Council – Resources for English language learning


Oxford Owl for Home - Primary

Smart videos for curious minds of all ages: The Kids Should See This


Crash Course – YouTube videos on many different topics



Teach your monster to read


Phonics Play - phonics games which follow the Letters & Sounds phonics programme. Pick the phase the child is currently on using the menu at the side.

Phonics Play is currently free for all users during the school closure period.

Username: march20

Password: home



Storyline Online - a catalogue of videos featuring celebrities reading children's stories


Unite for literacy - a US online library which provides free access to over 400 original picture books



CoolMath4Kids - interactive games covering the four operations (+ - x ÷) and fractions


Pet Bingo - an app for practising the four operations, children get to earn pets and care for them





Snappy Maths - maths worksheets for quick mental arithmetic sessions, like doubles & halves, number bonds and times tables



Science Museum Group - Videos, activities and facts on lots of different science topics for all key stages


Science for Kids - A New Zealand based site with lots of science experiments and games for kids


Switch Zoo - the idea started from creating new animals by switching parts, includes lots of information about habitats, biomes, feeding animals and animal sounds


Mystery Science


Crest Awards – Science awards that can be completed at home


Topics (History, Geography, Art)

Virtual museum tours


Big History Project - Secondary

 (Please note: John Whitgift Academy or Delta Academies Trust cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites)

National Geographic Kids - covering animals, science, history & geography, a website full of fascinating facts.


3D Geography - free paper templates for making models, plus lots of geography information and resources


Geography Games


National Geographic Kids – Activities and quizzes



Tynker - marketed as 'coding for kids', this website is currently offering free access to its premium content - founders of the 'Hour of code' tutorials, this website offers computer science courses for students from reception through to A-level


iDEA Awards - Digital award scheme that can be completed online


Computer programming


Blockly Scratch




Duolingo - a free platform for learning languages. You can learn from a computer, or download the app.

(Please note: John Whitgift Academy or Delta Academies Trust cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites)

Special Education Needs and Disability


National Autistic Society – guidance and helpline for parents’, young people and staff:


Mencap - Easy Read guide to Coronavirus:


The Autism Education – A social story

A social story   about coronavirus that has a good level of specificity about the effects of social distancing e.g. not being able to go to favourite place.


CarersUK - Guidance for carers:


Amaze - information pack for parents


Public Health England have produced an easy read version of their Advice on the coronavirus for places of education.


Information for those struggling with OCD


General information for young people about managing their mental health


 Information for those with sensory difficulties who struggle with handwashing


National deaf Children’s Society


British Deaf Association

(Please note: John Whitgift Academy or Delta Academies Trust cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites)

Below are a number of resources that have been provided for your use at home.   Some files may require Microsoft programs.

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