Easter Competitions

JWA Easter Fun

 In place of home learning during what would have been the Easter holidays, we are today launching a range of fun competitions for students to choose from. There will be prizes for each competition and entry is completely voluntary. The aim here is to have fun!

 All the information here is available to download at the end of this page.


Log on to TT Rock Stars for Daily challenges.

Prizes will be awarded for accuracy and usage.

A Twitter video will be uploaded on Saturday 4th April with instructions from Mrs Smiech.



Year 7 & 8- Just for fun: Easter cryptogram (see bottom of this page)


 All years:






‘Think outside the egg box’

Task: Decorate a hard-boiled egg (or eggs) with a science theme. It could be a famous scientist or any science theme at all.

Submit a picture of your egg through Twitter to be judged by the Science team.

Prize: Gift voucher and Whitcoin

Closing date: Friday, 17th April





  • Decorate a hard-boiled egg to look like your favourite historical figure. Post picture for judging to Twitter.
  • Create flag bunting for different countries flags – longest bunting wins!
  • Design your own totem pole to show important events or aspects of your life. Template picture at the bottom of this page.
  • For fun: Easter egg hunt around the world - https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/quizzes/bp-quiz-round-the-world-easter-egg-hunt
  • Highest score on Geoguessr (world map) wins a prize, screen shot and post proof to Twitter. (https://www.geoguessr.com/)





Task: The ‘French Easter Extravaganza’ is now up and running on Language Nut, for all year groups. There are a variety of games to complete on different topics and grammar points. 

Prizes: Vouchers for the most work completed correctly. Whitcoin prizes for effort.

Deadline: 17th April


Design Technology

Task: “Improve the function of a household object” See booklet at the bottom of this page

Prize: Voucher and Whitcoin for best design idea and best product

Deadline: Completed booklets and designs to Mr Cox by 17th April: coxd3@johnwhitgift.org.uk




All years:

Sport challenge 1.

Create a sporting calendar highlighting the major sporting events in a normal calendar year - for example; football League cup final in March, Wimbledon in June, British GP in July and British Open in July. Winner will be those who are the most creative! Upload to Twitter or email to gillh@johnwhitgift.org.uk


Sport challenge 2.

Fitness challenges

  • Wall sit hold - hold as long as possible and record time
  • plank hold - hold as long as possible and record time
  • 1-minute press up - number of press ups in a minute
  • 1 minute sit up test - number of sit ups in a minute
  • 1-minute squat test - number of squats in a minute
  • 1-minute burpees test - number of burpees in a minute

Best score wins! Upload evidence to Twitter!


Sport challenge 3.

Create and label a skeleton using every day household items and recyclable materials. Upload images to Twitter.






Health and Social Care


All years:


HSC Challenge 1.

Create a 'stay at home, protect the NHS' poster. Upload to Twitter.


HSC Challenge 2.

Create an active coping calendar (See the bottom of this page for an example).


HSC Challenge 3. 

Baby egg project (See the attached document at the bottom of this page for more information and guidance).





Design a computer game

  1. Decide on a genre of game. It could be sports, fantasy, horror. Whatever genre you want.
  2. Who is your game aimed at? Male? Female? Teenagers? Pre-schoolers?
  3. Explain the game objectives – what does the player have to achieve? What’s the overall aim?
  4. Design and explain your characters. Who are they? Do they have special abilities? A backstory?
  5. Explain the storyline of your game.
  6. Design the game cover.
  7. Send your entries to Mr Varley by 17th April: varleyc@johnwhitgift.org.uk










Design brief:  Choose one theme from the list below:

          -Objects found in the kitchen                -Textures found in the home

        -In the garden                                           -Pets


  1. Use whatever photographic means you have available (phone or camera) to take a variety of macro images.
  2. Edit your images if you are able by cropping, adjusting contrast, highlights, saturation etc.
  3. Select your best three photographs to make a triptych (meaning three images to be displayed together which are related).
  4. Place your images together on a Word document or PowerPoint slide and email to: georgiouk@johnwhitgift.org.uk for judging by Monday 20th April 2020

(See the bottom of this page for more details and examples)

Prize: Voucher prize and Whitcoin for top designs




Task: Compete the music quiz at the bottom of this page

Deadline: Send your answers to Miss Thomas by 17th April: thomasr2@johnwhitgift.org.uk

Prize: Voucher and Whitcoin

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