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About The National School Breakfast Programme

In partnership, charities Family Action and Magic Breakfast have secured funding from the Department for Education to support 1770 schools in disadvantaged areas to start or expand breakfast provision. The National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP) will run between March 2018 and March 2020. The Programme offer involves bespoke support and a combination of grants and free food for eligible schools.

The NSBP aims to ensure that no child starts the day too hungry to learn. For this reason, we ask Programme schools to commit to ensuring:

  • All children are able to access a healthy breakfast without stigma or barrier
  • Children at risk of hunger are regularly identified and actively targeted to attend


As a Programme school, we will be keen to help you reach every disadvantaged child towards the goal of ‘no child too hungry to learn’.



Under the Programme, Magic Breakfast will offer The School:


    • a start up grant of £500 to help with resources to start or expand your provision
    • up to four terms* of healthy free food delivered to your door - as much as you need to reach all children before or at the start of the school day
    • a proven programme of support, tried and tested in 470 Magic Breakfast schools
    • a friendly and knowledgeable local NSBP School Partner, offering personalised advice and support to help you get the most from your breakfast provision
    • best practice sharing opportunities and the opportunity to be part of the biggest and most vibrant school breakfast network.


If you wish to take up our offer, we ask that you adhere to the important conditions set out in this Agreement, designed to ensure that our support of your school can have the greatest possible impact. If you wish to participate in the programme and agree to the conditions set out, please sign the final page and return this Agreement to us.



*Four terms will be offered if that is possible within the programme period. If fewer than four terms remain before the end of March 2020, food will be supplied up to and including w/c 30th March 2020.



Terms and Conditions


For the duration of this Agreement, Magic Breakfast will provide the School with:

  1. A range of core healthy food breakfast items, delivered to The School in weekly or fortnightly deliveries. The current core offering consists of: premium quality bagels, a choice of different types of healthy cereal, and porridge and you can adjust your order whenever you need to. There is no cap on the amount of food you can have, as long as you are using it to ensure disadvantaged children receive breakfast at the start of the school day. You can choose to expand your provision to include more children, or to offer whole school breakfast in the classroom or playground.
  2. Personal support and advice from a dedicated NSBP School Partner who covers your region. We will endeavour to visit you at least three times during the project, when you can receive tailored advice, any extra resources and be updated on new ideas and strategies we have seen working well in other schools. You can also email or call us with any issues or challenges at any point, and we will do our best to support you.
  3. Access to any resources, networking and/or training developed or offered by Family Action or Magic Breakfast for this Programme, including support and resources to help you understand and meet School Food Standards, and to help you engage the whole family with breakfast.
  4. All the benefits of belonging to the biggest school breakfast network in the UK, including peer support, regional events, networking and information sharing.




The School commits to ensuring:

Access without barrier or stigma

  1. Breakfast will be made available at or before the start of every school day.
  2. Every child must be able to access breakfast without barrier or stigma. Ideally this means that the main provision is free to all, or there is an additional, free to all option.
  3. However, if breakfast is not free to all children, the school ensures that disadvantaged (target) children know they can have breakfast without payment and the school actively and regularly encourages those children to come.
  4. There is a strategy for food provision for all latecomers, which is understood by all staff, and which is used.


  1. Disadvantaged children who are at risk of hunger will be regularly identified and actively targeted to attend.
  2. The School will conduct regular reviews to update this list of target children and ensure new additions are actively followed up.
  3. Attendance at breakfast provision is monitored, and target children not attending are followed up.
  4. All staff are trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of morning hunger and know how to refer children to breakfast provision when appropriate.


Promotion and marketing

  1. The breakfast provision will be promoted regularly and prominently to parents and children in all ways (including assemblies, newsletters, Facebook, text, posters, website, etc).



  1. The breakfast provision will have a ‘champion’ on the Senior Leadership Team and a lead within the breakfast provision staff.


Use of food and avoiding waste

  1. Food supplied by Magic Breakfast will be used appropriately and with the charity purpose in mind. All deliveries organised by Magic Breakfast will be accepted. 
  3. The School will advise Magic Breakfast if there is excess food, in order to adjust deliveries accordingly.



  1. Breakfast will be appropriately resourced (with suitable staff and activities) so that it meets statutory regulations for staffing and is a welcoming and attractive option for children.
  2. All food supplied by Magic Breakfast meets School Food Standards. The School will ensure that any additional foods offered, and therefore the entire breakfast offering, meets School Food Standards ( The NSBP School Partner can advise on this if required.
  3. The School is wholly responsible for ensuring that all food provided to, and prepared for, children as part of the breakfast provision under this Agreement meets all relevant and applicable food safety and food preparation standards.

Provision of the Breakfast Club

  1. The School shall be solely responsible for the running the breakfast provision, including ensuring that all necessary and appropriate safeguarding measures are followed and appropriate DBS checks are undertaken in relation to relevant staff. Magic Breakfast accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the provision of the breakfast facility.

Contact, data and best practice

  1. The School agrees to actively engage with Magic Breakfast towards meeting the goals of the Programme including increasing reach and improving access to breakfast, and will meet NSBP staff on request, up to a maximum of four times within the Programme.
  2. The School agrees to supply all data required by Magic Breakfast in the requested format within the timeframes specified with the request. The data will include, but may not be limited to, breakfast registers and survey(s). Data requests will be kept to a minimum to fulfil conditions of the Department of Education who fund the Programme.
  3. The School agrees to send a representative to a regional network event, to share best practice and offer peer-peer support and advice.
  4. The School understands that Innovation Projects run in parallel to the NSBP and that all secondary schools, and some primary school will be asked to participate in research and activities towards increasing take up of breakfast in school.




  1. Magic Breakfast will advise schools on safeguarding the long term sustainability of their breakfast provision beyond the term of this Agreement.

23.The School will develop a ‘back up plan’ that would finance breakfast provision in the absence of support from Magic Breakfast.



The School agrees and accepts that:

  1. Magic Breakfast will use its best efforts to ensure a high quality delivery service. However, on rare occasions our logistics partner may not be able to deliver breakfast items due to circumstances beyond its control. In such circumstances, The School will make up the shortfall in breakfast items to ensure that all children who would be expected to benefit from the service are able to access a healthy breakfast.
  2. Food delivery day and time cannot be guaranteed as the flexible delivery time significantly reduces the cost of delivery to Magic Breakfast.


Termination and Liability


  1. Magic Breakfast is fully committed to supporting The School to run a successful breakfast provision to ensure that all children can access a healthy breakfast without stigma or barrier. However, we reserve the right to end this Agreement with immediate notice if The School commits a serious breach of this Agreement or if its actions bring, or are likely to bring, The NSBP, Family Action or Magic Breakfast names or reputation into disrepute.

27 Magic Breakfast does not accept liability in respect of any loss or damage caused by damage to property in any way connected with, or arising from, this Agreement, and / or the use of any food or drink, white goods or equipment provided pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.


The School’s Commitment

Based on discussion of The School’s existing breakfast provision, the School agrees that in order to ensure that it can comply with the terms and conditions above, it must address the following issues:

  • Barrier to access
        • Charge/free places
        • Limitations on capacity (due to space or staffing)
        • Timing of breakfast offering
        • Not available to all children (eg need to be accompanied, location)
        • Need to pre-register
        • Other (please specify):
  • Potential stigma
      • Through process or free place availability
      • Other (please specify):
  • Identification and targeting for attendance


  • Low uptake/low uptake of disadvantaged children



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