Emergency child care of children in response to COVID19

20th March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


Emergency child care of children in response to COVID19


Dear Parent/Carer


Please note that our schools have been requested to become emergency childcare centres as part of the response to Coronavirus – COVID 19. 


It is important that we reduce contact between groups of children and adults and wherever possible have the minimum number of children and staff in any place at any one time. 


However, we also recognise that for the country to continue to function, healthcare professionals, those identified as key workers and vulnerable groups of children may need to access childcare. 


If you or your partner are identified as key workers, then our schools are offering emergency childcare.    

Please support our already stretched and concerned staff by only using these facilities if you are unable to make any other arrangements. For instance, you may be a key worker but do not need to send your child into school with other children and staff, because you are able to make other arrangements e.g. your partner is able to work from home.  


Click here to go to a form which we are asking all key workers to complete. On accessing the emergency arrangements, we will be requesting all key workers to provide proof of eligibility.  This is not meant to be onerous, but is part of our measured and planned response to this Public Health Emergency.   


For further information about the Government guidelines, please follow the link below   


For all other students the school is closed and we will provide support with distance learning.  We have outlined the details of this in our previous letters to you.  


I realise this is a very challenging time for everyone and appreciate your continued support – we are only able to continue to operate because of your ongoing co-operation and help, and I am very proud of the way everyone is rallying around. I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the staff across our schools who have shown, and continue to show, remarkable fortitude and commitment.


Yours sincerely