Jared C Y8 – Covid fundraising hero!

Jared started boxing when he was 6 years old, and when his boxing academy started to raise funds to ensure their gym could continue to operate after lockdown, Jared decided to be proactive and join in the fundraising.

His initial goal was to raise £150 by running 3 miles per day for 14 days, however he has surpassed this by raising over £500 and running a total of 53.2 miles – an incredible achievement!

Jared’s mum said ‘He was tired and aching towards the end, but Jared never gives up. Myself, his dad, the family and especially his coaches are so proud of him’.

John Whitgift Academy would also like to congratulate Jared in this wonderful achievement, and wish Jared and the Mighty Mariners Boxing Academy all the best when members are able to return to enjoy the sport they love.

Well done Jared!