Letter regarding COVID19 home-testing



Dear parents/Careers,


As you know, we have been successfully running the Covid-19 asymptomatic rapid flow tests at John Whitgift Academy during the last few weeks.  We are very pleased to say how much maturity and resilience our students have shown throughout their three onsite tests and now we are confident to transition to home testing with self-testing kits.


Over the next few days, your child will bring home a Covid-19 self-testing kit. This will include 2 boxes with a total of 6 tests, along with a blue booklet ‘Step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing’.  Students in Years 8 - 11 will bring their test kits home by Friday 12th March and Year 7 by Tuesday 16th March.


This step-by-step guide referred to on the following website will be of use and gives additional support and guidance for the following:    

  • self-test instructions
  • video: How to self-test
  • Report your result
  • If you have COVID-19  


We highly recommend testing on Wednesday and  Sunday evenings,; once midweek and once at the weekend in preparation for their return on a Monday.  Within 2 hours you must inform both the NHS and the John Whitgift Academy of the results.


To inform the NHS of the result this can be done by telephoning 119 or online, as stated in the step-by-step guide or the above website.


To inform JOHN WHITGIFT ACADEMY please use the Microsoft Forms link below to complete the student’s result.


All the above information and links are available on the John Whitgift Academy website.


We will be also be running online assemblies during the academic day to explain the above before all students start conducting their own first home self-test, ensuring they are confident to complete this process twice a week.


Thank you for your continued support,


Ms M Smiech

Assistant Principal