Self-Isolation and continuing to learn

Dear Parent/Carer,

Self-Isolation and continuing to learn


During these difficult times, with information and guidance regarding the Coronavirus changing on a daily basis, should you and your family decide to self-isolate, please encourage your children to continue learning.

At John Whitgift Academy, we already have in place a range of on-line learning packages that have a proven record of having a positive impact upon learning and on progress.  It is allowing your child(ren) to access these packages that will minimise the possible negative impact any absence may cause. 

As children in self-isolation face many hours within the home, it makes absolute sense for them to spend time completing work, enabling them to stay up to date and on track.  Below, we have also included a common academy email address should you have any queries or concerns.  If you state clearly in the email which teacher and/or subject it is intended for, we will endeavour to forward it to them, to facilitate effective communication.

On-line learning packages:

  • Hegarty maths – All students use this site on a regular basis and are adequately equipped in knowing how to access and work their way through the tasks. Each student has their own log on details and once work is complete, class teachers receive a report detailing what has been completed and how much time was spent on a given task.
  • GCSEpod – This website, also used frequently throughout the academy, provides work related activities on a range of subjects. Again, all students should have their own log on details, but can reset, if forgotten.
  • EdLounge – As with GCSEpod, this site includes a range of learning activities from across the curriculum. Once logged on, simply select ‘independent learning’, in order to access all work.
  • Languagenut – An online learning tool for all those students that study a language. Again, often used in the academy with all students having already being given log on details.
  • Delta Trust Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – Possibly the most important website, accessible via the link below and contains work uploaded by Delta Subject Directors for each period of the day, broken down by year group. Link -

Students are expected to complete work if well enough to do so whilst in self-isolation.  All of the links above contain substantial work to ensure there is plenty to keep them occupied and in doing so, ensuring progress continues to be made.

Queries/questions, email:

Thank you for your cooperation as we all endeavour to work through this together,

Yours sincerely,


Mr R Spendlow