Year 11 college applications information

Please see below regarding some guidance sent out by local colleges. You can contact colleges direct but you can also contact Mr Tuffnell ( or Jane Device (

You MUST ensure that you answer any correspondence via the email address you provided on your Lincs2 application and please answer calls to the mobile number you provided as this may be for a telephone interview.

‚ÄčFranklin College 6th Form:


This is obviously a very hard time for us to plan, as it is for us all.

We are doing all we can to support our applicants by staying in touch regularly via text and email and also social media and website.

Below are some key areas which we think will probably be most relevant and I know from emails we have received schools are getting queries from students.

Queries and questions – Keeping in touch with us

We are here for our applicants and school staff. If your students have questions regarding their application please tell them we are here to help and all they need to do is email us:



We are currently doing telephone interviews for those applicants who haven’t received an interview in person either at the college or in-school. These are going well and if students haven’t yet received one they can be assured that they will - we are working through them.



Our applications are still open for September 2020, if students apply we are still processing these applications as normal. Students may want to apply directly on our website ([

Grimsby Institute:

Our admissions team are still doing great work interviewing applicants on the phone but are finding that a number of students are not answering their phones.

Also - we're postponing the Open Event due for next Wednesday 29 April as we're developing a virtual open event and want to get that right before going ahead so I'll be in touch when we've set a date and time for that.  

In the meantime if any students would like to get in touch they can contact me at  with any general enquiries or signposting to other people or our Careers advisers at or the admissions team about applications at

Please do get in touch if you need any more information or help with applications.

Thanks and all the best

Ros Aitchison

Student Recruitment Officer

Room 0B106

John Leggett College:

Please see below some updates regarding the JLC application and interview process:


Applying to JLC

Applications are still open, there is no deadline for admissions.  

Please let students know that can apply directly on the JLC website -

Once they have submitted their application, a member of the recruitment team will contact them via telephone to complete their college interview.


Waiting for an interview

If you applied to JLC before Easter but have not yet been contacted, please could you contact our admissions team to update us with your contact details -


Confirmation of a place

Conditional offers for a place at JLC will be made at the end of the telephone interview, and then confirmed via an email from our admissions team. We do not know if or when our usual confirmation letters will be sent out as staff are now working from home. 


Summer Tasks

Students who have been offered a place at JLC will receive an email containing a link to their ‘summer tasks’ to be completed and submitted to the relevant department via the email address that is provided in the link.  We are encouraging students to complete the tasks as soon as possible as more will be set over the summer period. 


If you are interested in taking a look at the tasks that have been set, please head to the page on our website - 


Changing Courses

Course change requests can be made via email -

Even if a student has had their interview, and received a conditional offer from us -  they can still change their course options if they wish to. 


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Please ensure that you make contact with the college providers our ourselves if you have any concerns or contact Mr Tuffnell directly if you do not know your Lincs2 log on details.