Revision- French

FRENCH GRAMMAR & REVISION                                            good site, lots of resources                                               lots of grammar & exercises + topics at GCSE                                                       lots of grammar notes                                                          site which translates any verb in any form                                 lots of practice                variety of revision activities                  from beginners to advanced level topics and grammar information                                          variety of activities and games             preparing for A-level French lots of interactive materials                          variety of videos and articles  



DICTIONARY                a very reliable site with examples; other languages also offered                               a great site with lots of idiomatic examples




GAMES & VOCAB                                                         variety of assignments set by teacher                                                                    various language/vocab games                     quite good    a bit of everything from Yr7 to GCSE                  a new word a day (& sound)                                                                            Christmas games (& vocab) website                                                                               a useful site for vocab learning (up to GCSE)                                                                                   make your own speaking avatar (need to register but free)

FRENCH TV & RADIO CHANNELS                                          good general fun channel                                 lots of shows and news channels                                       Belgian TV with lots of listening/articles                                        French MTV with French & International songs/interviews                          (click: langue française then click: découvrir le français for games and exercises to learn French)                                           French international radio station with lots of listening exercises & podcasts (with exercises/answers -  look at langue française)                                           good music/news station in French (to listen online click: RTL en direct)


FRENCH MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS                                         fashion magazine                               film/cinema magazine                                       gossip magazine                                the French equivalent of the Times                           like the free Metro newspapers in the UK, short articles on French & world news, more accessible than the more ‘serious’ papers


YOUTH                          a general site for young people (music, articles, blogs, games, films  etc)                                           French football union site



FRENCH LISTENING/READING  a good general site with a bit of everything for all year groups/abilities                          a series of articles on the top 50 most famous French people                            accessible articles (general & world news) AS/A2      lots of listening & reading  AS/A2            listening exercises with transcripts (in the form of interviews)






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