Special Educational Needs and Disability

SENCO- Mrs N Sowerby

Deputy SENCO- Jenny Hildred

John Whitgift Academy is dedicated to enabling all learners to make significant progress; in knowledge, understanding and skills, in attitudes and values, as social beings and as lifelong learners. We understand the education goals for all children are the same, but the help that individual children need in progressing towards them will be different. 

We aim to address the needs of each individual student, so they can:

  • Develop a clear pathway through education to adulthood, paid employment and independent living 
  • Experience success in learning and reach their full potential
  • Enjoy greater self-esteem knowing their opinions and achievements are valued
  • Be fully and genuinely included in the life of the academy
  • Work towards independence 

To achieve these goals we strive:

  • To follow the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2014
  • To promote a flexible and imaginative organisational structure in which learning needs can be met and personalised programmes of work can be agreed; with colleagues, parents and students
  • To liaise with other staff in identifying and assessing students’ needs
  • To promote access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • To promote, monitor and evaluate progress for students with SEN and disabilities (SEND)
  • To compliment the delivery of Quality First Teaching
  • To work closely with our partners within the Delta Academies Trust and our partners in the local  authority to provide essential provision for all

You can read our SEN Report on our Statutory Information page here.

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The sensory room
Mrs Smith supporting students in The Bridge
Mr Bull and students in an intervention lesson