Humanities' subjects provide the key for unlocking the world’s mysteries. Learning from our past, predicting our future and understanding the purpose of people and our relationships are fundamental to a purposeful and successful existence. Through studying the three Humanities subjects of Geography, History and Philosophy and Ethics we will consider the cultural, economic, environmental, historical, moral, political and social factors of life and how they affect the world we live in. Humanities prepares us for jobs such as the armed forces, the police, geology, archaeology, teaching, law, the environmental sector, aviation, cultural jobs, journalism and many, many more. So join us on a journey of discovery, study Humanities today.

Subject Area:


Head of Subject:

Mr M.Bee 

Teaching staff:

 Ms Miller

Mr Tuffnell

KS4 Course Title

GCSE Geography

GCSE History

KS4 Exam Board and Course Number

Geography AQA 

History Edexcel/Pearson 

Coursework and Exam Percentages

History- CW- 25% Exam 75%


Geography - CW-25% Exam 75%


Philosophy and Applied Ethics Exam 100%

KS4 Course Details:


Paper 1- Nazi Germany and Europe before   1939
 Paper 2- British History 1890-1918 Women’s Suffrage, Liberal Reforms, Defence   of the Realm Act


Unit 1- The physical world & The global world (6 core topics)
Unit 2- Weather and climate, retail and urban change, tourism
Unit 3- Urban change and river management


Philosophy and Applied Ethics –

Unit 1: Deity, End of life

Unit 2: Good and evil, Religion and science

Unit 3: Relationships, Medical Ethics

Unit 4: Peace and justice, religion and equality

KS4 Number of lessons per week:

Geography and History 2 lessons per week

Philosophy and Applied Ethics1 lesson per week

Year 7 Course Details:

Geography: UK Geographies, Map Skills, Energy, Weather 

History: What is History, The Romans, The Norman Invasion, The Black Death, The power of the King. 

Philosophy and ethics: What is God, what makes a believer, where does the universe come from, relationships and marriage?

Year 8 Course Details:

Geography: Rivers, Climate Change, Upland Geographies, Fragile Environments 

History: Slavery and Abolition, Industrial revolution and Empire, WW1+Medicines that changed the world 

Philosophy and Ethics: How do Muslims show commitment to their identity, Jesus-was he a trouble maker, is there power in peace, good and evil

Year 9 Course Details:

Geography: Fieldwork and fieldwork skills, Ecosystems, Population Change, Exploring mapping and navigation 

History: WW11 (Holocaust, East and Western Fronts), Thematic study of surgery, Introduction to America (Independence and the Bill of Rights, Russia 1917-1953). 

Philosophy and Ethics: Relationships, The existence of God and Ultimate reality, How do Christians show commitment to their identity, Prevent – multiculturalism and diversity

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