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At JWA, we all understand the importance of regular attendance at school and we are aiming for 97%+ attendance for all our students (attending 185 days out of 190 days learning).

Research suggests that just 17 days absence from the academy equates to a whole GCSE grade lower than a student with full attendance.

Students whose attendance falls below 95% (attending at least 180 days out of 190 days learning) are monitored by the academy attendance team. 

We expect that parents/carers will:

  • ensure their children attend the academy regularly;
  • notify the academy on first day of absence by telephoning the academy and provide medical information (eg medical appointment cards) when appropriate and if requested;
  • ensure that they have supplied sufficient contacts (we ask for three) for the academy to safeguard absent students;
  • ensure their children arrive to academy on time, appropriately prepared for the academy day;
  • do everything they can to prevent unnecessary academy absences, such as making medical and dental appointments outside academy hours;
  • use the academy as a support when they or their child are having difficulties, and work to form a positive relationship with the academy so that there is easy communication when a problem arises;
  • Sign up to the Schoolgateway App;
  • enforce a regular routine at home in terms of homework, bedtime, etc.
  • do not take their children out of academy for holidays during term time. 


As part of our whole-academy approach to maintaining high attendance, we request that students:

  • be aware of the academy’s attendance rules, and when and what they are required to attend;
  • speak to their form tutor or another member of staff if they are experiencing difficulties at the academy or at home which may impact on their attendance;
  • attend all lessons ready to learn, with the appropriate learning equipment requested and on time for the class;
  • bring a note of explanation from their parents or carers to explain an absence that has happened or is foreseen;
  • follow the correct set academy procedure if they arrive late. 

The Academy   

To support students to achieve their potential the academy will:

  • contact parents / carers on the first day that absence occur if no reason is given;
  • contact students with an unexplained absence that have not responded to ‘Schoolgateway’ communications;
  • complete a home visit for unexplained absences and report these to the Police if they remain unexplained;
  • liaise with outside agencies, as appropriate;
  • provide information and advice to parents/carers on attendance;
  • implement the consequences for lateness and truancy as outlined in the Consequences Behaviour Policy. 

If your child is absent, you must have a justifiable reason and you should telephone the attendance office on 01472 311080 (extension 115) before 8.25am on the first day of absence.

  • Parents/carers are requested not to arrange family holidays during term time.
  • Requests for leave of absence should be made in writing to the Principal well in advance of the date. Absence may be granted in exceptional circumstances. Absence will not be authorised, in any circumstances, if a student’s attendance is below acceptable levels.
  • Please be aware that holidays cannot be authorised by the academy

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