Staffing 2018-2019

Senior Leadership Team

Principal – Mr R Spendlow

Associate Vice Principal– Mr M White 

Associate Vice Principal – Miss C Glaves


Assistant Principal, English – Mrs L Westerman –Smith

Assistant Principal Mathematics – Miss M Smiech

Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning – Mrs S Clark

Associate Assistant Principal- Deep Support- Mr M Bee




Mrs L Westerman-Smith (Head of Department)

Mr P Kench (Second in Department)

Mrs S Clark

Miss E Linford (Lead Practitioner)

Mrs C Walker

Miss Kendall

Mrs Cartwright

Mrs J Marshall (Director)

Mrs C Davison (Associate Director)


Mrs H Shillings (Head of Department)

Mr M White

Mrs S Bull

Ms L Mead

Mr M McLaughlin

Mrs A Davy (Science Technician)


Miss M Smiech (Head of Department)

Miss L Rowe (2nd in Department)

Mrs C McCloskey

Mr S Cremen

Mr K Hopkins

Mrs J Hildred

Mr S Batts (Director)

Art, Design and Technology

Mrs K Georgiou

Mrs G Capes

Mr D Atkin (Technician)

Mrs C Thompson (Technician)


Mr M Bee (Head of Department, Geography)

Mr P Tuffnell

Mr L Hawley

Ms S Royce

Ms L Boyd

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms F Shah (Head of Department)

Miss C Glaves


Miss R Thomas (Head of Art, Design, Technology and Music)

Physical Education

Mrs N Sowerby (Head of Department)

Mr H Gill

Mr J Ward

Mrs A Wardle (PE Technician)

ICT/Business Studies

Mr C Varley

Health and Social Care

Mrs N Sowerby

Mr H Gill

Mr J Ward


Mr M Young


Mr D Cox


Learning Consequence Managers

Mrs A Winn (Year 6 and 7)

Mr S Walker (Year 8 and 9)

Mr P Tuffnell (Year 10 and 11)


Year 7

Mr Cremen

Mr Hawley

Ms Kendall

Mr Kench

Ms S Royce

Mrs Sowerby

Mrs Walker

Year 8

Mrs Bull

Ms MacDonald

Mrs Mead

Ms Boyd

Ms Thomas

Mr Hopkins

Year 9

Mr Payne

Mr Cox

Mrs Georgiou

Mr Young

Mrs Shillings

Year 10 and 11

Mr Gill

Mr McLaughlin

Mr Varley

Mr Ward

Ms Rowe

Mrs McCloskey

Ms Linford

Mr Tuffnell

Support staff


Mrs N Sowerby

Deputy SENCO

Mrs J Hildred


Learning Hub Manager

Mrs R Smith


Behaviour Support

Ms K Thornton

Mrs D Drake


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs K Carter

Mrs S Hurst

Mrs J Smith

Mrs R Ingoldby


Health and Wellbeing Support Officer

Miss A Oliver



Mrs B Allison (Principal’s Personal Assistant/Admin Manager)

Mrs V Swinburn (Finance Manager)

Mrs S Kerrison (Admin/Finance Assistant)

Ms E Selby (Admin Assistant)

Mrs C Scott (Admin Assistant)


Curriculum Support

Mr J Mirmolavi (Data Manager)

Mr A Quibell (Cover Supervisor)

Ms D Dunn (Cover Supervisor)



Mrs J Chard (Home/Academy Liaison Officer)



Mr D Hufford (Network Manager)


Site Custodians

Mr J Coles

Mrs S Herron

Mr G Thompson