What's not to like about Music? Music not only develops skills as a musician but also as a person. How many subjects offer you the opportunity to learn different pieces/skills whilst working with peers in a disciplined manner? Everyone can be a musician in the music room, it may not mean you become famous but you'll have had fun whilst learning, working hard whilst having fun. There is no such thing as "I can't" because you know something? With enough effort & hard work you will soon see that you certainly can!

Subject Area:




Head of Subject:

Miss Thomas


Yr 11 Course Title

BTEC Music


KS4 Exam Board and Course Number

Edexcel HCR80

Coursework and Exam Percentages

Exam: 25%

Coursework: 75% 

KS4 Course Details:

Very brief

The course consists of four units;

Unit 1 – Music Industry

Unit 2 – Managing a music product

Unit 4 – Introducing music composition

Unit 5 – Introducing music performance 

KS4 Number of lessons per week:

3 lessons a week including an instrumental lesson provided free of charge by the Academy

Activities in Music

  • All Students are more than welcome to visit music any lunchtime or after school to practise pieces of their own choice.
  • Orchestra Monday 2.40 – 3.30pm
  • Singing Group Tuesday YR 7 12.45 pm/ YR 8 1:15pm
  • Thursday 2.30pm JWA Steel Pans in MAPAS
  • Intervention is on a 1:1 basis with KS4 students. The students will be asked to attend by Miss Thomas.

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